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The Ultimate Brush For Your Wheels And Lug Nuts!

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Your wheels say, "Thanks!"

An All-In-One Auto and Wheel Brush Cleaning Tool for cars, SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and more. 

With a tapered and narrowed tip, the WoollyWormit bendable brush fits in to clean between the spokes, the inner wheel, tiny spaces and corners with ease.

You can even bend it to clean the hard-to-reach areas, like the back-side of the spokes.

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This is nuts!

On the end opposite of the WoollyWormit brush tip is the handy lug nut cleaner, designed to clean the exposed surfaces of the lug nuts, and the hard to reach areas of the wheel cavity surrounding the lug nuts. Now, you can finally throw away your old toothbrushes!

The kit comes complete with two sizes of lug nut cleaners and four cleaning sponges for each.


Buy extra lug nut cleaner sponges


What is the WoollyWormit Wheel Brush?

The WoollyWormit Wheel Brush, also referred to as the WoollyWormit is a patented 13-inch-long, tapered and bendable brush body wrapped in a removable/replaceable/washable soft chenille microfiber cover designed to safely and effectively clean all delicate wheel surfaces found inside and outside the rims – even where you can’t see. Plus, unlike other wheel brushes, the WoollyWormit features an integrated convenient lug nut cleaner that comes in two sizes (both included). The lug nut cleaners are designed to fit the vast majority of OEM car rims. The brush body can clean the surface of any rim, and the lug nut cleaners should clean the vast majority of OEM rims that we are aware of. So, now you can finally get off your knees and throw away your toothbrushes and cotton swabs used to scrub around the lug nuts.

Additional cleaning sponges and microfiber covers sold separately.


What makes the WoollyWormit better and different than other wheel cleaners?

The patented WoollyWormit was designed by car aficionados for car aficionados. So, every aspect of the WoollyWormit is designed to make this a better cleaning tool. For example:

Unlike other wheel brushes, the WoollyWormit has an integrated lug nut cleaner for simultaneously washing both the lug nuts and the rim areas around the lug nuts.

Unlike many wheel brushes, the WoollyWormit has no exposed metal parts or harsh materials that would damage rim surfaces.

Unlike most brushes with short cleaning heads, the WoollyWormit has a 13 inch long soft chenille microfiber body designed to reach and clean deep into and across the rims.

Unlike other brushes that cannot be bent, the WoollyWormit is flexible and engineered specifically to remain straight or be bent into a user-desired shape.

Unlike most brushes with a handle, the WoollyWormit has no handle to get in the way. The entire brush is a “cleaning machine” and the user can hold it comfortably anywhere along the entire length of the brush.

Unlike other brushes, the WoollyWormit has a removeable cleaning cover that offers many benefits, including the ability to remove it for washing, and the ability to switch out various covers for different car cleaning purposes.

… And more - unlike most brushes, the WoollyWormit has many other uses, aside from just cleaning rims. For example: Switch the covers for different purposes; it’s great for cleaning the hard-to-reach car and SUV rooftops, across windshields and large hoods/trunks; keep a clean and dry cover for dusting the dashboard and other hard-to-reach interior areas; it’s good for cleaning engine compartments; ideal for washing motorcycles, RVs, boats and more.

All of these WoollyWormit features save you time as you clean, while making it easier and doing a better job cleaning than ever before – and doing so without damaging your rims like other brushes can.

Who should buy a WoollyWormit?

Anyone who cleans their own cars, or cleans cars for others would benefit from this innovative car cleaning product. Go ahead and order today and start saving time right away. And, even if you don’t wash your own car, we’re sure you know someone who does that would truly appreciate the benefits of the WoollyWormit - it makes a great gift!

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