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Black Tie Brands

Jon and Scott | Black Tie Brands

Everyone has a destiny, but not everyone chooses to create his or her own.

Black Tie Brands, LLC is an idea factory established by business partners Jonathan Batchelor, Jr. and Scott Voelker with the mission of inventing, developing and the sales of innovative products that save time or enhance people's lives in simple ways. Black Tie Brands is the owner of the WoollyWormit, which was invented by Jon and Scott.

Jon and Scott, a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, formed their firm in February of 2015 in Miami, Florida. With decades of combined experience in sales, marketing, product development, etc. across various businesses, the partners determined it was time to use their experiences, resources and creativity to venture off to more fulfilling endeavors. Their goals: to develop, market and sell unique products that save time, offer a better way of doing things or are simply fun to use.

Their innovations and concepts range from various cleaning products to tools, artwork mounting hardware accessories, watercraft accessories and more.

Black Tie Brands owns multiple products: patented and currently patent pending, as well as more in various stages of the development pipeline.

Additionally, Black Tie Brands collaborates with other inventors, uniquely talented individuals and companies to develop and bring to market products consistent with the Black Tie Brands mission and standards. Because of the patent pending statuses and potential licensing agreements, the details of some products cannot be publicly disclosed at this time.

Black Tie Brands is a product development and sales company that focuses on consumer products, cleaning products and fun things, to name a few categories.

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