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WoollyWormit Synthetic Chamois

The Jumbo-Sized Super Absorbent Synthetic Drying Towel That Saves Time, Dries Your Vehicle Faster and Better!

The WoollyWormit Chamois is quite simply a better way to dry! Big on drying, at just over 5 sq. ft., this chamois is one of the largest on the market. Engineered to be absorbent, the jumbo size, combined with the absorbent synthetic materials saves time, effort and dries faster, better and quicker than a regular wash towel and leather chamois.

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In addition to drying your vehicle, there are literally hundreds of other drying uses. The chamois is perfect for drying cars, trucks, boats, pets, and many other household items, etc.! It’s also perfect for wiping down interior seating and dashboards when slightly damp.

The WoollyWormit chamois soaks up many times its weight in water for better absorption. And, the high quality PVA construction provides safe, durable, soft, long-lasting and lint-free drying.

The high-quality material means the chamois is gentle on surfaces, but tough on water. The non-abrasive chamois won't scratch and is safe for using on all finishes (cars, furniture, counters, glass, etc.). The chamois has one side that is dimpled, and the other side is smooth to allow user to select a side that works best for their surfaces.

… And, it comes packaged in a reusable ventilated plastic storage tube.

Make it easy for yourself and get one for your car, boat, garage, kitchen - anywhere you want to dry something.


Super Absorbent Synthetic Drying Towel

Big On Drying!

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered to be absorbent - saves time and effort - dries better and quicker than regular towels and leather chamois
  • Hundreds of Drying Uses – Perfect for drying cars, trucks, boats, pets, and other household chores, etc.!
  • Jumbo Size! 19.6 in x 37.5 in (49.7 cm x 95.2 cm) = 5.1 sq ft (4750 sq cm) for more drying power
  • Soaks up to many times it’s weight in water for better absorption!
  • High quality PVA construction means durable, soft, long-lasting and lint-free
  • Chamois has one side that is slightly textured and one side smooth to allow user to pick a side that works best for their surfaces.
  • Non-Abrasive – won't scratch and safe for using on all finishes (cars, furniture, counters, etc.)
  • High quality material means chamois is gentle on surfaces, but tough on water
  • Synthetic chamois minimizes streaks when drying, unlike damp towels
  • Perfect for wiping down interior seating and dashboards when slightly damp
  • Easy Care and Reusable - Machine Washable (Do NOT dry in clothes dryer)
  • Mold and mildew resistant with proper care
  • The WoollyWormit chamois comes with a convenient ventilated storage tube that allows the chamois to be put away damp. Keep one in your car, boat, garage, kitchen - anywhere you want to dry something.
  • Great for professional detailers

Better Design - Better Drying


  • Jumbo Size! Bigger than almost every other chamois on the market! Over 5 sq ft! 19.6 in (49.7 cm) x 37.5 in (95.2 cm) = 5.1 sq ft (4750 sq cm) for more drying power. Note: Due to manufacturing and nature of material, dimensions may vary slightly.
  • The chamois has one side which is smooth and the opposite side is "dimpled" with small round indentations.
  • Material: PVA - Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • Color: Graphite
  • Content Quantity: 1 piece + 1 storage container
  • Synthetic PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
  • Country of Origin: Made In China
  • SKU: 300-S
  • UPC CODE: 644216390052
  • Black Tie Brands, LLC Main Office: USA - Miami, FL 33132
  • ©Copyright 2019 Black Tie Brands, LLC; WoollyWormit® is Registered Trademark of Black Tie Brands, LLC

Important Do's:

  • Before using the first time, thoroughly rinse/wash the chamois well in warm water.
  • When chamois is dried out and rigid, wet it before use. Don't force dried fabric into an opened and flattened position before getting it wet. Additionally, sometimes the fabric sticks together as it dries - please wet the chamois before pulling apart.
  • Chamois are engineered to work when damp. Therefore, before using, soak in water and squeeze out excess water (do not wring/twist dry to prevent damage to chamois).
  • Machine wash in gentle cycle occasionally to keep chamois clean and fresh; however, do not use bleach nor fabric softener.

Important Don’ts:

  • Do NOT pull apart chamois where adjacent surfaces have stuck together when drying. Simply wet the surfaces and the surfaces easily separate.
  • Do NOT use bleach and do NOT use fabric softener when washing (wash in gentle cycle only).
  • Although the PVA material is very durable, do NOT twist hard and wring dry. Simply squeeze out excess water when saturated. This will prevent stretching and tearing of the synthetic material.
  • Do NOT dry in clothes dryer.
  • Do NOT snag chamois on sharp edges or points.
  • Do NOT dry areas that have not been washed properly, to prevent transfer of dirt and abrasive matter, causing scratching
  • Do NOT store damp chamois in airtight container or bag - as with all fabrics, this will cause bacterial growth and odors. Use the convenient storage container packaging.

Helpful Hints

How to use the chamois:

  • Rinse well in warm water before using first time.
  • Chamois works when damp.
  • If chamois dries out between uses, simply re-wet.
  • Drying with a synthetic chamois is slightly different than using a bath towel. Many pros have their own preferences for drying. Here are some different ways to dry using a synthetic chamois:
  1. Lay the damp, soft chamois flat across the wet surface, and slowly pull the chamois towards you. The steady slow dragging motion across the surface evenly absorbs the water as the chamois travels over it. Note: different vehicle surface treatments and coatings affect the absorption properties of chamois. Sometimes one sweep across the surface removes all the water, and sometimes it requires more than one pass to get the smallest amounts of surface moisture. Because the chamois is designed with two types of drying surfaces, smooth and dimpled, try both sides of the chamois to determine which one works best for your vehicle's surfaces. Or, fold up or bunch up the chamois into a comfortable size and wipe, with whichever side works best on your vehicle.
  2. When finished drying, squeeze out excess water and place in ventilated storage container. (Note: It is OK to put away damp in the ventilated container, as this chamois material is mold and mildew resistant. However, do not store away in airtight container - as this can allow bacteria to grow and cause odors.)
  3. Unlike regular towels, chamois work great when damp. So put away the towels and use a more environmentally friendly drying tool.
  4. The WoollyWormit's jumbo-sized format chamois, with two different surfaces, offers car enthusiasts plenty of drying power and different options for drying their vehicles' surfaces.
  5. If there is a need for smaller chamois, carefully cut apart the material into the desired sizes. However, please keep in mind, once a product is cut, torn, ripped, damaged or altered from its original configuration, the product is no longer eligible for return for any reason.

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable with mild detergent in cool water.
  • Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener, and do NOT dry in clothes dryer.


What makes the WoollyWormit chamois better and different than other chamois and towels, you ask?

As with all the products Black Tie Brands develops, invents or patents, the goal is to simply find better ways of doing things. The chamois is no different. The size, color and surface textures of our chamois are all selected to make the drying experience better for our customers. Unlike many smaller chamois and smaller towels, our jumbo size allows more surface area to be dried and water absorbed. This not only makes it better for drying, it saves some time. The graphite color was selected to allow users to see when the chamois becomes dirty and requires cleaning. Regarding the chamois textures, the smooth side and "dimpled" side surfaces offer users two different "feelings" when drying the vehicles. (See below for selecting a side to use for your vehicle.)

Which side of the WoollyWormit chamois do I use for drying my car - the smooth surface side or the "dimpled" side?

Either side can be used. The choice is based on the preferences of the users. As most chamois users know, it's common for chamois to "adhere" to the vehicle as it is pulled across the painted surfaces. This adherence strength varies from car to car, and from chamois to chamois, depending on the vehicle surface, coatings and chamois materials. For this reason, our chamois was constructed of two different surface textures - smooth surface on one side and "dimpled" on the other.

What are the best uses for the WoollyWormit chamois?

There are hundreds of uses, literally. The WoollyWormit chamois is perfect for cars, boats, trucks, RVs, etc.; the chamois is great for drying your pets, horses, etc. Many people also use a damp chamois for cooling off when exercising and participating in sports. In the home, the chamois is great for wiping appliances, drying dishes, floors, and as floor mats next to the tub and shower.

Why does the WoollyWormit Chamois get hard when it dries out?

The PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) synthetic material becomes rigid as the water evaporates out of the cells. Simply re-wet when dry and the chamois immediately becomes soft once again. Note: Sometimes when folded up and dried out, the material folds can stick together. When this happens, do not tear apart, as this can rip the surface layers apart and ruin the chamois. If the material sticks together in spots, simply re-wet the chamois and the surfaces release from each other.

Can I put the WoollyWormit chamois in the washing machine?

Yes, but Do NOT use fabric softeners and bleach in wash - as fabric is not designed for such.)

Can I put the WoollyWormit chamois in the clothes dryer?

No, do NOT dry in clothes dryer - this fabric is not designed for dryers. To remove excess water, simply squeeze out water - do NOT twist and wring dry to prevent stretching and tearing of chamois fabric.

Who designed the WoollyWormit chamois and who is the company behind it?

The WoollyWormit chamois was designed by Black Tie Brands, LLC. Black Tie Brands is an idea factory established by business partners Jonathan Batchelor, Jr. and Scott Voelker with the mission of inventing, developing and selling innovative products that save time or enhance people's lives in simple ways. Black Tie Brands owns multiple products, patented and currently patent pending, and more in various stages of the development pipeline. Black Tie Brands has multiple intellectual property assets protecting its products and will actively enforce and protect those assets should the need arise, including protecting against counterfeiting, patent infringement, copying or unauthorized reproduction of the products. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction of the product and/or names is strictly forbidden and will be subject to legal action. Because the WoollyWormit name is protected as a Registered Trademark, all rights and protections are strictly enforced.