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Lug Nut Cleaner Sponge 8-Pack Replacement Kit

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The WoollyWormit​ Lug Nut Cleaner Sponge Replacement Kit includes 8 cleaning sponges total - 4 large sponges designed specifically for the large lug nut cleaner, and 4 small sponges designed specifically for the small lug nut cleaner.

In order for the WoollyWormit​ to effectively and safely clean your rims without damaging the paint or clear coat surfaces, the lug nut cleaner was designed and engineered with our very own propriety sponge formula. This proprietary formula balances the need for durability with our requirement to clean without scratching the surfaces of the rims. While these sponges are durable and you'll most likely get a number of car washes per sponge, like any sponge they will wear out with usage. The useful life of each sponge is dependent on various factors: the specific spacing/tightness between the lug nut cavity around the lug nut and the lug nut itself, the sharpness of the lug nuts, how dirty the rims are, and how hard you scrub. For this reason, we designed the lug nut cleaner frame to allow for the replacement of the cleaning sponges as needed.  

Keep in mind, the WoollyWormit cleaning sponges are designed to be flipped over on the red lug nut cleaner frame so that both ends of the sponges can be used - offering you even more useful life before sponge replacement is needed.

Also keep in mind for some rims, but not all, both the large and small lug nut cleaner will fit. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones?