NEW!!! WOWmitt Wash Mitt - World's First Wash Mitt With A Secret Weapon !


The WoollyWormit Wheel Brush - engineered for professionals and designed for you!

The hardest places to clean on your vehicle are the wheels and lug nuts. So we decided it was time to make this chore easier.

WoollyWormit is a patented 13 inch-long, tapered and bendable brush body wrapped in a removable/replaceable/washable soft chenille microfiber cover designed to safely and effectively clean all delicate wheel surfaces found inside and outside the wheels – even where you can’t see. 

Plus, unlike other wheel brushes, the WoollyWormIt features the handy integrated lug nut cleaner. This is perfect for easily removing road grime that collects inside the hard to reach areas around the lug nuts.

The WoollyWormit Wheel Brush is bendable so that you can get to the backside of spokes where dirt likes to hide. A soft Chenille microfiber cover fits over the bendable brush body to create the ultimate wheel-cleaning tool.