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Limited Warranty

What does this Limited Warranty Cover and for how long?

Black Tie Brands, LLC (BTB) warrants to customer for a period of 180 days from the date of the associated purchase receipt that the products purchased will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty applies to issues found as the result of ordinary suggested use only – not for issues that are found to result from the misuse or overuse of the product. No other express or implied warranty is made with respect to the products purchased hereunder. Any liability of BTB to Customer arising out of or in connection with the sale, delivery, or use of those products listed on the purchase receipt shall not, in any case, exceed the purchase price of the respective goods purchased.

The replacement product Limited Warranty timeframe is equal to the remaining days or unused days within the 180 day Limited Warranty period of the originally shipped product (the 180 Limited Warranty does not extend to the replacement product).

Note: as stated in the Limited Warranty Disclaimer, the 180 days does not include the brush cover nor the lug nut cleaning sponges.


What will we do to correct warranted issues?

BTB’s sole obligation under this Limited Warranty, and Customer’s sole remedy, shall be the replacement, or the credit of the purchase price, at BTB’s option of any defective parts returned to BTB with BTB’s approval, within those 180 days from the date of the originally shipped product’s associated purchase receipt.


What do you have to do to request warranty assistance?

To obtain warranty assistance, you must first contact BTB to determine the problem and the most appropriate solution for you.


Limited Warranty Disclaimer and what this Limited Warranty does not cover.

BTB makes no warranties, expressed or implied, other than those described in paragraphs above. BTB makes no warranty, or guarantee expressed or implied, nor suggests or guarantees that the products will fit all vehicle makes or vehicle models, nor all vehicle wheels/rims whether OEM or aftermarket, or for specific purpose, and BTB shall not be liable for any results achieved by the use of the purchased products whether used individually or in combination with other products or cleaning agents. The Limited Warranty does not include the cleaning cover, nor the cleaning sponges used on the lug nut cleaner frame. Without limiting the generality of the above-mentioned information, BTB shall not be liable for customary manufacturing variations within specifications. BTB shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages from use of this product for any reason.


How will you use my personal information?

The security of your personal information is important to us. For details on our Privacy Policy, see our privacy policy page.