About The WoollyWormit Wash Mitt With Thumb

The Wash Mitt Reimagined. You'll never buy a cheap square wash mitt again!

Say "Goodbye" to your cheap old square mitt and "Hello” to your new WoollyWormit Wash Mitt With Thumb! The WoollyWormit Wash Mitt, with a built-in pocket for your thumb and contoured design, will change how you feel about washing your vehicle. Sure, there are lots of cheaper mitts out there - but as they say – “you get what you pay for.”

So, what’s so special about the WoollyWormit Wash Mitt you ask?

Well, it’s simple: Better design means a better wash. First of all, the mitt wasn’t designed like the typical cheap mitt. Instead, it was designed specifically to make washing your vehicle easier, faster and more efficient than ever. And to do so, we had to advance the typical mitt to a whole new level. That was accomplished in part by contouring the shape of the mitt and adding a place specifically for your thumb.

Wash Mitt Details

You have to try the mitt out to fully appreciate it. The built-in thumb gives your hands so much more control and makes it so much easier to grab and grip the mirrors, door handles, wheel spokes, corners, curves, etc. Plus, it’s nice to be able to pick up the hose and spray off the car without having to keep taking off the mitt each time. Furthermore, the shape was contoured to provide a better fit around your hand, and to reduce unnecessary material that retains heavy water – which reduces fatigue.

The smart design accommodates both left and right hands, so you can switch hands as you clean your way around the car or have a mitt on each hand while you wash, or its perfect for those who are simply left or right-handed.

The high-quality Chenille microfiber, with 1-inch long “caterpillars”, and durable interior liner means our mitt is gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt. Reach deep into the body/door seams, small openings, corners, nooks & crannies, etc., for a much better cleaning.

The thumb mitt is a great companion for the WoollyWormit Wheel Brush because the thumb mitt does not need to be removed in order to hold the brush - making cleaning all areas of your wheels more thorough and faster than ever before!

Thumbs Up For New WoollyWormit Wash Mitt!


Premium Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt With Thumb

You'll never buy a cheap square mitt again!

Features & Benefits

  • Cleans & Grabs Better. Built-in thumb and contoured shape offers better control, gripping and cleaning agility. Perfect for reaching around rearview mirrors, door handles, front grills, exhaust tips, design details, and cleaning wheels & spokes, etc.
  • Holds Better. Built-in thumb allows users to actually hold items while mitt is on the hand. This unique benefit means user can pick up and hold the hose without removing the mitt and setting it down somewhere. The thumb mitt is a great companion for the WoollyWormit Wheel Brush because the thumb mitt does not need to be removed in order to hold the brush - making cleaning your wheels more thorough and faster than ever before!
  • Fits Better. Contoured design and thumb feature fits hand better and eliminates annoying rolling on hand.
  • Smart design means both left-hand and right-hand use.
  • Chenille has almost 1 inch long (2.5cm) "caterpillars" for reaching deeper into small nooks & crannies, between door seams, between hood/trunk and fender seams, etc.
  • Both sides of mitt wrapped in Chenille microfiber means 2X the the gentle cleaning power.
  • Our quality Chenille microfiber is lint-free, durable and very soft.
  • High quality construction and materials means mitt is gentle on surfaces, but tough on dirt
  • Mitt shape allows for effective cleaning, but with less material to reduce wet weight and hand fatigue vs. more common larger square mitts
  • Non-Abrasive – safe for using on all finishes (cars, furniture, counters, etc.)
  • Perfect for light cleaning when damp and dusting when dry - dusting car interiors, dashboards, vents and furniture, etc.
  • The WoollyWormit wash mitt comes with a convenient hanging loop/tag sewn into the elastic band for faster drying.
  • Hundreds of washing uses means its perfect for cleaning almost anything - vehicles, boats, windows & other household items
  • Better Fit + Better Design = Better Wash


  • Dimensions: Because this mitt is shaped and contoured to fit around the hand (unlike most standard square mitts), there is not a simple WxL measurement. The approximate dimensions are: Inside of mitt width (hand width without thumb) is about 5 in (12.7 cm); Inside of mitt from top to bottom, not including cuff, is about 8 in (20.3 cm). Overall interior length, with cuff, is about 9.75 in (24.7 cm). Note: Due to manufacturing tolerances, these dimensions are approximate, but close, as there will be some variation from mitt to mitt.
  • Hand Size: This mitt is hand-shaped to provide better control of mitt fabric and not have a lot of excess material in the outer corners holding lots of heavy water - which reduces fatigue. Per the approximate dimensions, the mitt should accommodate most hands. For those that have really large hands, you may need to purchase the typical regular style mitt that is not shaped to the hand.
  • Hanging loop for quicker drying
  • Material: Mitt is constructed from 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide, synthetic PVA
  • Color: Graphite grey with black elastic cuff
  • Contents Quantity: 1 piece
  • Country of Origin: Made In China
  • SKU: 200-S
  • UPC CODE: 644216390151
  • Black Tie Brands, LLC Main Office: USA - Miami, FL 33132
  • ©Copyright 2019 Black Tie Brands, LLC; WoollyWormit® is Registered Trademark of Black Tie Brands, LLC

Important Do's:

  • Machine washable when needed, gentle cycle, no bleach
  • Hang dry in ventilated area, using integrated hanging loop

Important Don’ts:

  • Do NOT dry in clothes dryer
  • Do not twist and wring dry, instead squeeze out water and hang dry, using integrated hanging loop
  • Do not snag mitt on sharp edges or points

Helpful Hints

  • The WoollyWormit Wash Mitt With Thumb changes how you wash your car. Unlike regular car wash mitts, now having the thumb feature allows users to do more and easier than ever before. You can grab and clean around mirrors, door handles, tailpipes, front grills, etc., easier. Additionally, when you rinse off the car, you don't have to take the mitt off and set it down on the car or driveway, etc. You can actually grab and hold the hose/items while mitt is on your hand. It's hard to hold the hose/sprayer, or anything with a regular mitt. Once you've used the thumb mitt, you'll not go back to a regular square mitt again. The thumb mitt also allows you to grab the WoollyWormit Wheel Brush to clean your wheels without removing the mitt - making cleaning wheels more thorough and faster than ever before!
  • Always rinse off vehicle first to rid any loose dirt and particles. Always start with cleanest areas first, which is normally the top, and work down to dirtiest areas last.
  • Professional detailers and car enthusiasts often use one mitt for cleaning car body and a separate mitt for cleaning wheels.
  • Many professionals and car enthusiasts often have a mitt on each hand, for faster cleaning.
  • The unique thumb mitt design and front/back sides constructed from Chenille microfiber allows users to switch the mitt from hand to hand while washing the car, reducing wrist and arm fatigue. (The WoollyWormit thumb mitt fits both left and right hands.)
  • Soap is a good thing. Too much is not. Mistakenly, we often think the more soap we use, the better it is for cleaning. But, actually, too much soap is not only a waste of soap, it can be bad for your paint and clear coat, waxed surfaces and rubber parts.

    In reality, less soap can be better for a car than too much - as soap can be harsh on the paint and rubber surfaces, it can leave residue and even remove protective waxes. Therefore, only use enough soap to be effective. And ALWAYS use soap formulated for automotive use – dish soaps and laundry detergents are formulated for other types of cleaning and can harm your painted surfaces and rubber parts.
  • Save The Sponges For The Dishes. Although they scrub well, we don’t recommend using sponges on the car body paint. The problem is that the sponge’s thousands of tiny openings retain tiny abrasive particles, sand, grit and grime which can easily scratch your car body paint as you wipe across the body surfaces.


What makes the WoollyWormit wash mitt better and different than other mitts, you ask?

As with all the products Black Tie Brands develops, invents or patents, the goal is to simply find better ways of doing things. Our mitt was built from the ground up, to fix a number of issues commonly found with the typical wash mitt, and to make cleaning better and more efficient. The most obvious change was to add a separate pocket for the thumb - for much better hand control and dexterity. The thumb pocket also eliminates one of the most common complaints about the regular square mitts: they roll around the hand when washing. However, the WoollyWormit wash mitt does not roll around the hand. At the same time you can pick up and hold things much better than with a regular mitt, and you don't have to take it off while spraying off the car - hold a hose, spray nozzle, WoollyWormit Wheel Brush, etc. Additionally, we shaped the mitt to contour around edge of the hand, to remove extra material, especially in the outer corners - reducing the weight when wet - thereby reducing fatigue.

Is there a left-hand and right hand version?

The mitt was designed to be used on both left and right hands.

Will the WoollyWormit wash mitt fit my hands?

Well, we cannot be sure it will fit everyone's hands. However, per the approximate dimensions (please see specifications), the mitt should accommodate most hands. For those that have really large hands, you may need to purchase the typical regular style mitt that is not shaped to the hand. This mitt is hand-shaped to provide better control of mitt fabric, and not have a lot of excess material in the outer corners holding lots of heavy water - which reduces fatigue.

What are the best uses for the WoollyWormit wash mitt?

There are 100's of uses. The WoollyWormit mitt is perfect for cars, boats, trucks, RVs, windows, outdoor furniture - almost anything that requires soft and gentle cleaning. For cars, the mitt is great for cleaning wheels, especially in conjunction with the WoollyWormit wheel brush. Additionally, the mitt is perfect for cleaning behind and around the door handles, mirrors, car front grills, getting inside the gaps/openings of around doors/trunk lid, hood, sunroof, etc.

Can I put the wash mitt in the washing machine?

You can wash the mitt in a washing machine on gentle cycle.

Can I put the wash mitt in the clothes dryer?

No, this fabric is not designed to be dried in a dryer. Simply squeeze out excess water from mitt - do NOT twist and wring dry to prevent stretching and tearing of mitt fabric. Hang dry using the convenient hanging loop/tag.

Who designed the WoollyWormit wash mitt and who is the company behind it?

The WoollyWormit wash mitt was designed by Black Tie Brands, LLC. Black Tie Brands is an idea factory established by business partners Jonathan Batchelor, Jr. and Scott Voelker with the mission of inventing, developing and selling innovative products that save time or enhance people's lives in simple ways. Black Tie Brands owns multiple products, patented and currently patent pending, and more in various stages of the development pipeline. Black Tie Brands, LLC (“BTB”) has multiple intellectual property assets protecting its products and will actively enforce and protect those assets should the need arise, including protecting against counterfeiting, copying, patent infringement or unauthorized reproduction of the products. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction of the product and/or name is strictly forbidden and will be subject to legal action. Because the WoollyWormit name is protected as a Registered Trademark, all rights and protections are strictly enforced.