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Various Type Of Rims

What Kinds Of Rims Can The WoollyWormIt Clean?

What Kind Of Wheels Can The WoollyWormit Clean? All Kinds, We Say!

The patented WoollyWormit Wheel Brush can clean many parts or all parts of virtually any type of vehicle wheel. From simple wheels to complex, big and small – it cleans them all. Plus, there’s a great integrated lug nut cleaner designed specifically for the most common passenger vehicle wheels - saving you even more time and effort keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Regarding the spaces between the brake rotor and inner wheel barrel, and the spaces between the brake caliper housing and the rear of the spokes, these openings can vary greatly. For those who want meticulously clean these areas, and want to know if the brush will fit, the first 4 inches of the brush body have a compressed thickness ranging from 1 inch up to 1-1/8 inches. If your wheels have openings in these areas less than 1 inch, please be aware that the brush may not fit with these specific areas.

Note: The integrated lug nut cleaner works great on almost all passenger cars, SUVs, mini vans, etc., with a few exceptions (those exceptions being rims designed with concealed lug nuts, lug nuts that come with decorative plastic caps, lug nuts having no empty space around them, etc.) Yet, in those rare cases when your rims won’t accommodate the lug nut cleaner, that’s still OK - because the WoollyWormit does so much more!

Your wheels are going to love the WoollyWormit and you!

Simple Wheels

Simple Rims

Cleans simple rims super fast!

Big Wheels

Big Wheels

Big wheels? Little effort.

Many Spokes

Many Spoke rims

Many spokes? No problem.

Painted Wheels

Painted Rims

Painted rims? No more scratches.

Various Openings

Large & Small Opening rims

Large and small openings? Now less work.

Complex Wheels

Complex Rims

Complex rims? Simple solution.


Multifaceted rims

Multifaceted rims? Now easy to clean.

Muscle Cars

Muscle Car wheels

Muscle cars? No muscle needed.

No Nuts

Rims with No lug nuts visible

No visible lug nuts? That's okay, it cleans everything else!