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I had the chance to try out the WoollyWormit. This product is amazing for cleaning your rims/wheels! I have always had issues on properly cleaning my rims/wheels. This design can fix all of your problems when it comes to keep them shiny and clean. Not only fix but make your life much easier! Whether you're a car person or not. If you wash your car yourself, the WoollyWormit is a MUST have!  The bendable shaft is key in maneuvering in the hard to reach places. It's long enough to reach the back of the rim which is always neglected simply because it is hard to reach. Also the lug cleaners on the end of the WoollyWormit, no build up residue will ever be over the lugs again! Washable attachment that is easy to take off and put on. All around a great product! Thanks to the WoollyWormit, Cleaning my rims/wheels will be much easier from here on out.
 - Eric, Miami, FL


Hey Scott, finally got my wheel brush and it works great 👍🏽. Looking forward to you future products.
- Rashawn, NYC, New York
Testimonial image of cleaning rims


I used woolly on my car and it did as advertised. Now I am going to get one for each of my son-in-laws for Christmas.
- Paul, Atlanta, Ga


"So easy to use, even a 3 year old can do it! Overall, the product worked very well and was especially beneficial when I was trying to get into the thin gaps and tight corners of the rim.  Also, the kids helped me out today and had fun using the product!" 
- Mark, Plantation, FL
Testimonial image of cleaning rims
I just tried the new rim brush, WoollyWormit.  The first thing that hit me was that I didn’t have to be that careful around the rim to prevent damage, since it’s only soft materials around the whole brush – unlike other tools on the market, which is good.
It was really easy to reach parts of the rim that are usually difficult, thanks to the long, slim design, and that it’s also bendable. I thought I had fairly clean rims, but after using the WoollyWormit, I realized that there’s a lot of dirt on rims that you simply can’t get with only chemicals and water – which is how I usually clean my rims. For example, the tight areas where the spokes meet or behind the spokes. Those areas are hard to clean, but not with the WoollyWormit.
The only thing that was hard, was to get the whole brush wet before cleaning, since I used a bucket with only the remaining water from cleaning the car, which I didn’t fill up again just for the rims.
But it was probably the first time I got the sides of my lug nuts cleaned with the combined lug nut cleaner attached to the brush * thumbs up *
If you’re picky with your rims, I sincerely recommend the WoollyWormit – it gets the job done with great result.
- Christoffer, Stockholm, Sweden


Your guys website is great!!! I received the WoollyWormit and love it!  I usually dread having to clean the tires, but with the WoollyWormit, I couldn’t wait to get started with it. The design is perfect for tough to reach areas within and behind my rims.  After using the WoollyWormit, my rims look great even with the amount of brake dust they were covered in. Your product made it so simple and shortened the cleaning time in half!  My kids even helped and I didnt’ have to worry about them scratching the rims. Thank you for this great product!
- Michael, Cumming, GA
"Washing my rims is, in my opinion the hardest part of washing the exterior of your car. Using the WoollyWormit made it incredibly easy getting the dirt and grit off the rims. It was almost no effort at all and my rims look GREAT!"
-Sam, St. Augustine, FL
Best RIM cleaning tool I have ever used in my 67 years entire life. Its Flexible, Smart and Easy to use. In my opinion The Best there is.
- Peter, Stockholm, Sweden