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WoollyWormit Jumbo Sized Synthetic Chamois

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Super Sized Super Absorbent Synthetic Drying Towel

Dry More Faster!

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered to be absorbent - saves time and effort - dries better and quicker than regular towels and leather chamois
  • Hundreds of Drying Uses – Perfect for drying cars, trucks, boats, pets, and other household chores, etc.!
  • Jumbo Size! 19.6 in x 37.5 in (49.7 cm x 95.2 cm) = 5.1 sq ft (4750 sq cm) for more drying power
  • Soaks up to many times it’s weight in water for better absorption!
  • High quality PVA construction means durable, soft, long-lasting and lint-free
  • Chamois has one side that is slightly textured and one side smooth to allow user to pick a side that works best for their surfaces.
  • Non-Abrasive – won't scratch and safe for using on all finishes (cars, furniture, counters, etc.)
  • High quality material means chamois is gentle on surfaces, but tough on water
  • Synthetic chamois minimizes streaks when drying, unlike damp towels
  • Perfect for wiping down interior seating and dashboards when slightly damp
  • Easy Care and Reusable - Machine Washable (Do NOT dry in clothes dryer)
  • Mold and mildew resistant with proper care
  • The WoollyWormit chamois comes with a convenient ventilated storage tube that allows the chamois to be put away damp. Keep one in your car, boat, garage, kitchen - anywhere you want to dry something.
  • Great for professional detailers

Better Design - Better Drying

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  • Jumbo Size! Bigger than almost every other chamois on the market! Over 5 sq ft! 19.6 in (49.7 cm) x 37.5 in (95.2 cm) = 5.1 sq ft (4750 sq cm) for more drying power. Note: Due to manufacturing and nature of material, dimensions may vary slightly. 
  • The chamois has one side which is smooth and the opposite side is "dimpled" with small round indentations.
  • Material: PVA - Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • Color: Graphite
  • Content Quantity: 1 piece + 1 storage container
  • Synthetic PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
  • Country of Origin: Made In China
  • SKU: 300-S
  • UPC CODE: 644216390052
  • Black Tie Brands, LLC Main Office:  USA - Miami, FL 33132
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