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WoollyWormit Brush Cover 2-Pack Black

Regular price $7.99

The WoollyWormit Brush Cover 2-Pack includes two custom tailored covers for the WoollyWormit wheel brush. The 2-Pack comes with two black covers.

The black color was selected as an option to replace the black cover that comes with the brush at time of original purpose. Having different color options for the brush cover allows quick identification of the brush for different cleaning purposes. For example, the black cover is perfect for scrubbing dirty car wheels, and yet still looks good hanging out in the garage or closet waiting for the next cleaning job.

Sold separately, the Graphite Grey can be used for cleaning the hard-to-reach parts of the car body, like the roof, across the windshield and hood/trunk, etc. - since the WoollyWormit gives you about a foot of extended reach! Because you likely don't want to clean anything on the car body with the same cover as used on the dirty wheels - the separate covers are ideal. Also, sold separately, the purple cover can always be kept dry and is great for dusting the car interior - like the dashboard and rear window deck, especially in the hard to reach tight corners where all the little bugs, pieces of paper, and dust collect.

Of course, you can always match whatever color to the cleaning task at hand - we just wanted to make sure you have some cool colors that ensures the WoollyWormit wheel brush always looks good no matter what it's cleaning!