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Helpful Hints

Thank you for your purchase of the WoollyWormit. This car rim washing tool was specifically designed to make washing your vehicle easier, faster and more effective than anything else on the market.

To help you get the most out of the WoollyWormit, we have provided the following Helpful Hints to get you started.

Assembly Instructions For Your WoollyWormit

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Setting Up Your WoollyWormit To Go To Work

Dressing Up The WoollyWormit

Pull the Chenille microfiber cleaning cover up over the brush body using the 2 pull loops. The cover is made to fit over the brush body in a specific way, with each of the 2 pull loops sliding up along the 2 short sides of the brush body, starting from the narrowest end of brush body and ending with the cover’s elastic opening wrapping over the top of the body with the lug nut post sticking out from the cover. Note: the cleaning cover is designed to fit snugly, so carefully pull the cover up the brush body.

Preparing The Lug Nut Cleaners

Place the larger cleaning sponge onto the 4 flanges of the larger red lug nut cleaner and the smaller cleaning sponge onto the 4 flanges of the smaller red lug nut cleaner.

If the sponges seem like a tight fit over the red lug nut cleaner flanges, then simply put some of the car soap onto the red lug nut cleaner flanges, or soak the sponges in the soapy water to help lubricate the red flanges - and the sponges should more easily slide down the flanges all the way to the base.

Keep the center core in place. In the center of each sponge is a fitted star-shaped cleaning core that is designed to clean the face of the lug nut. Please do NOT remove.

Note: the cleaning sponges are designed to fit snugly onto the red lug nut cleaners. As mentioned above, soaking the sponges in soapy water or putting soap on the red flanges helps slide the sponges onto the lug nut cleaner more easily. Simply “tap” the sponge with your fingers, or push down with your fingers or palm, and slide the sponge down the flanges until the sponge is fully seated and up against the lug nut cleaner base. Note: Please make sure the center star-shaped core of the sponge remains in place, as the center piece is there to clean the face of the lug nut cleaner.

Getting The WoollyWormit All Together

Place the assembled lug nut cleaner onto the brush body by properly aligning the little “key” raised flange on the post at end of brush body with the “key” slot inside the round opening of the red lug nut cleaner.

Sizing Up The Lug Nut Cleaners

Next, decide if the large or small lug nut cleaner/sponge works best for your rims’ lug nuts. To do so, simply try out both to see which fits the best around the lug nut AND simultaneously within the lug nut cavity, without them being too tight as you rotate the sponge around the lug nut. It is possible that both lug nuts cleaners will work on your lug nuts, or just one of them.

The fit of the sponge within the rim’s lug nut cavity will determine, in part, the useful life of cleaning sponges. The tighter the fit, the harder the brush scrubs, but the shorter the useful life may be.

There are literally thousands of rims, with different lug nut sizes, different sized lug nut cavities, with different shapes and sharpness of edges of lug nuts. And, of course we all scrub differently. Therefore, it’s impossible to determine the number of lug nut cleanings each sponge can complete in its useful life. However, it is anticipated each sponge should be able to minimally clean the car’s 4 rims multiple times before needing replacement.

Note: the lug nut cleaners are designed specifically for passenger vehicle rims - not for lug nuts found on large trucks, commercial vehicles and large truck chassis-based vehicles. However, the WoollyWormit brush body works great on any rim.

Increasing The Useful Life Of The Cleaning Sponges

Both ends of the cleaning sponges are designed to be used for cleaning the lug nuts. This increases the useful life of each sponge. When one end of the sponge comes to the end of its useful cleaning life, simply pull the sponge off of the red lug nut cleaner and flip it over. Then, re-insert the sponge onto lug nut cleaner, starting with the used end first and push the sponge until it rests up against the base. Voila! You can continue to use the same sponge for additional cleanings!

Bendability Of The WoollyWormit's Backbone Structure

One of the best features of the WoollyWormit is the ability to bend the brush into the desired shape. The combination of length and bendability makes this a great brush with many cleaning benefits. In addition to cleaning the outside of rims, like other wheel brushes do, the WoollyWormit is engineered and designed to also reach in and clean the inside areas of the rim that many other brushes cannot. To do so requires a bendable “backbone” which is developed from a special metal that is integrated within the flexible black brush body. This metal is specifically designed to balance the need for rigidity and strength with that of bendability. This special feature benefits you with great cleaning flexibility - yet the design does not allow any metal to contact rim surfaces and cause damage like many brushes do. NOTE: The physical properties of metal are such that all metals will fatigue and break at some point. Prior to breaking, the metal will get soft and lose it's rigidity. The useful life of the brush body and the amount of bends the brush body will endure depends on how the user bends the brush, where and how often the body is bent, and if the brush is bent in exactly the same place each time it is bent. For this reason, we are unable to state the number of bending cycles that cannot occur for the brush before fatigue leads to breaking.

Cleaning Up After A Job Well Done

Properly clean and dry the microfiber cover after each use. After washing your car, simply remove the cover from the brush body. Then, insert the end of the hose into the opening of the cover and briefly run the water to clean the cover from the inside out. When rinsed clean, carefully wring out the excess water from the cover and hang dry by using one of the convenient pull/hang loops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the cover can be cleaned in a washing machine with regular clothes detergent (and no bleach), do NOT dry the cover in a clothes dryer. The microfiber material is not designed to be dried in a clothes dryer – always hang dry.

The Versatile Wardrobe Of The WoollyWormit

The WoollyWormit is designed with removeable microfiber covers. Not only can you remove the cover for cleaning on an as-needed basis, but, just as importantly you can use different covers for different purposes. For example, use the black cover for cleaning dirty rims. Use another cover to clean the car body, or the engine compartment. And use another cover dry for dusting the interior, especially the hard to reach dashboard corners, rear windshield deck and large seating areas. (Note: Some people like to even use the  WoollyWormit to clean their household windows, window screens and lawn furniture, and other areas that require scrubbing on delicate surfaces.)

Car Cleaning Helpful Hints

We all have our own “special” routines and methods for washing our cars. And yes, for many of us, cleaning our cars isn’t just about keeping them clean - it’s actually a form of therapy for us. We all spend different amounts of time, effort, and even money trying to keep our cars looking their best. And yet, sometimes too much lovin’ isn’t good. So, in an effort to save you even more time, effort and money, and keeping your car looking it’s best, we offer you some practical suggestions to help you out – and for that your car will thank you.

What Comes First – Cleaning The Rims Or The Car Body?

A very common way to clean a car is to fill up a bucket with soapy water and use that to clean everything. However, because the rims are typically the dirtiest parts of the car, don’t ever wash the rims first and then use that same dirty water to clean the car body. Because the rims collect abrasive brake residue dust, road dirt and grime, all this junk gets transferred to the water during cleaning. And then, this filth gets transferred to and can damage the delicate painted/clearcoat surfaces during washing. That’s not a good thing. Instead, clean the car body first, then clean the rims with the remaining water, maybe adding a little fresh water and soap if needed. Your paint and clearcoat will love it!

… Or…

For many of us, since cleaning the rims is pure drudgery, we tackle the rims first to “get it over with”.

Rims are only about 3-5% of the entire surface area of the car – yet they can take about 50% of the time it takes to clean the entire car. That’s not fun! All we want to do is finish this chore and move onto the most gratifying part – cleaning the car body.

If you are like us and prefer to clean the rims first, just don’t use that same bucket of dirty water to then clean the car body and windows. Also, consider using a different WoollyWormIt brush cover for cleaning the rims and the car body, for extra precaution.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Isn’t Always Good…

Soap is a good thing. Too much is not. It’s not like adding icing to a warm glazed donut – where the more we add the better it is. Mistakenly, we often think the more soap we use, the better it is for cleaning. But, actually, too much soap is not only a waste of soap, it can be bad for your paint and clearcoat, waxed surfaces and rubber parts – especially if the soap is not designed for automotive use.

In reality, less soap can be better for a car than too much - as soap can be harsh on the paint and rubber surfaces, it can leave residue and even remove protective waxes. Therefore, only use enough soap to be effective. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use soap formulated for automotive use – dish soaps and laundry detergents are formulated for other types of cleaning and can harm your painted surfaces and rubber parts.

Washing The Car While Basking In the Sun Is Not A Good Thing

Try to avoid washing your car in direct sunlight, especially if the car surface is hot. You don’t want to expose a soapy car surface to direct sunlight. Even worse, don’t allow the soapy water to dry on the car.

Dried soap residue on your car’s painted surface is hard to remove and can leave spots - often requiring harsher abrasive cleaners to then remove the spots. And, often these cleaners can be worse on the paint and clearcoat than the original dirt was.

So, try to find a shady spot to clean wash the car. Or, if that’s not possible, try to clean earlier in the day or in the evening, when the sunlight is less direct. Or, if a hot sunny afternoon in the sun is all you got, then be quick with the soapy water and rinse often.

Start At The Top

Many professional car detailers say it’s best to clean the car from the top down. It’s logic, they say, as the car tends to get dirtier as you move closer to the bottom, nearest to the road. So, start at the top and let gravity do its thing. Allow the used soapy water higher up to roll down over the lower dirtier parts. And, as you make your way down, the soapy water helps to break down the road grime and loose dirt from the painted surfaces below. And, by the time you get lower and lower, the surface is well-soaked and easier to clean.

It’s very important to be aware that the sand, road grit and heavier dirt particles that collect near the bottom of the car body, especially below the doors and on the fenders around the wheel openings, does not get caught in the cleaning mitt fibers or wash rag used to clean the car. Dirt that gets trapped in the fibers is abrasive and can easily scratch the paint – so try to keep the abrasive filth from collecting on your cleaning mitt/rag to prevent scratching.

I Admit It – My Rims Are Really Dirty So What Do I Do?

If you have extremely dirty rims, or those that haven’t been cleaned in a while, or those that are stained, it usually makes sense to spray the rim with a cleaning product designed specifically for cleaning the rims. However, keep in mind these cleaners are strong cleaning agents. So, we recommend that you use them only as directed, only as needed, and do not leave on the rims very long. Then, once you start cleaning the rims on a more regular basis, the regular car soap will usually work fine going forward.

Note: Only use soaps formulated for your rims and car body. Dish soaps, laundry detergents, etc., are soaps that can harm your paint/clearcoat, waxed surfaces and rubber parts.

Save The Sponges For The Dishes

Although they scrub well, we don’t recommend using sponges on the car body paint, even soft sponges. Sponges are designed for scrubbing, and they are good at that - especially for scrubbing rims. However, the problem is that the sponge’s thousands of tiny openings retain tiny abrasive particles, sand, grit and grime which can easily scratch your car body paint as you wipe across the body surfaces. Soft microfiber products are ideal for cleaning the car body, as they release particles more freely. The WoollyWormIt is a great option – but of course, we’re a little biased.

Why Get Excited About A WoollyWormit Car Brush?

Time is our most valuable asset. And, because your time is more valuable than ever, investing in the proper tools is more important than ever. The WoollyWormit is designed to save you time when cleaning your car, and at the same time doing a better job.

We believe the WoollyWormit may be one of the most researched car brushes on the market. All the work and research helped us develop a patented product that is superior in many ways.

When you have a car cleaning tool that does so much more than others, we felt we needed to lay it all out on the line to make sure you benefit from everything the WoollyWormit has to offer:

The WoollyWormit and the following suggestions are designed for cleaning passenger cars, SUVs, minivans, non-heavy-duty pickup trucks.

1. The Integrated Lug Nut Cleaner Cleans Your Lug Nuts Easier Than Ever

Most people hate cleaning their lug nuts and that space around them. It’s a hard, tedious and thankless job. Yet, for us “clean freaks”, it must be done. Until now, we used old tooth brushes, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, etc., to get rid of that dirt and grime that collects in these areas. Well, now you can throw all those old things away – we crafted your solution! The patented WoollyWormit car brush is engineered with a special integrated and convenient lug nut cleaner that not only works great, it saves time and effort cleaning one of the most difficult areas of the rims. It’s fast, it’s easy and you’ll love it!

After following the instructions customizing your WoollyWormit to fit your specific lug nuts, lets, get started.

With the lug nut cleaner/sponge upon the brush body, pick a lug nut to start. Insert the lug nut cleaner over the first lug nut and rotate back and forth about 180 degrees a couple times until clean, and then move on to the next one. When finished with all the lug nuts, remove the lug nut cleaner from the brush body and place aside or into the bucket until you start on the next wheel.

For those rims with fully concealed center hubs, where there are no visible lug nuts at all, the lug nut cleaner wouldn’t be used. And for those rims that have lug nuts that have decorative plastic caps over the individual lug nuts (like found on many Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen models), there is often not enough room between this lug nut cap and the rim cavity wall, and therefore the lug nut cleaner will not fit and cannot be used. However, the WoollyWormit brush body is great for cleaning the rest of the rims – inside and out!

In some cases where the lug nut cleaner is hard to rotate because the lug nut cavity around the lug nut is not perfectly round, or a center decorative plastic hub cap prevents easy rotation, you can insert the lug nut cleaner/sponge onto and off of the lug nut a few times without rotating, and this can be effective, too.

In the unlikely event that neither of the two WoollyWormit lug nut cleaners fit your lug nuts, don’t force the cleaning sponges in the overly tight space or they will tear. Our goal was to design a product that works on as many lug nut scenarios as possible, but we understand there may be limited situations where the lug nut cleaners simply may not fit, unfortunately. However, the good news is that the WoollyWormit brush body is great for cleaning the rest of the rims – inside and out!

2. Reach Deep Into The Inner Rim

Why have nice and sporty open and deep rims if you are not going to keep them looking great? The extra-long Chenille microfiber brush body reaches where many other brushes cannot. Clean the inner rim by inserting the WoollyWormit deep inside the rim between the spokes and move the brush back and forth against the inner rim like a windshield wiper (assuming there is space to do so). Work your way around the rim clockwise between each spoke, being sure to overlap those areas behind the spokes with the back and forth motion - so you get the complete inner circumference clean.

The WoollyWormit makes good-looking rims look great!

3. Clean Behind The Rims

Never thought about this before? Well, most people don’t. Have you ever heard, "Clean behind your ears"? Well, it's the same thing - sort of. That is, even if the area isn't visible, it's important to keep clean - because the dirt that collects there, and there's a lot of it, eventually ends up down on the inner rim where it is seen. So, if you are like us and really obsessed with having clean rims and have a burning desire to clean the backside of each spoke once in awhile, now you can do it! One of the WoollyWormIt’s coolest features is the unique bendable backbone structure. Simply bend the brush as needed and reach back behind the spokes to clean. No one else may notice your rims are clean behind the spokes, but you will know it!

4. Clean All Those Annoying Spokes

Do you have lots of spokes? If so, you know what that means and how much time it takes to clean in between each of them. What a pain this is for most people - so it's often ignored. But now, no problem – we took care of you! We know it’s a real pain cleaning these types of rims. The WoollyWormit has a long and tapered body that makes cleaning the sides of spokes fast and easy – especially when there’s lots of them! The brush body has a narrow profile that allows it to fit in between most spokes, and/or inside most small openings for a complete cleaning operation.

5. Clean All The Corners, Crevices & Tight Spaces

Do you have complex designed rims? Let us help you save time with those. Rim designs have become quite complex. These look great … when clean. However, keeping them clean can take forever. We took this challenge and designed the WoollyWormit to make your life easier (well, at least this part of your life). Using the tapered brush tip, now you can scrub all the tight corners, indentations, grooves and cut-outs with ease. Cleaning these complex rims is not always fun, but they make any vehicle look great when clean.

6. Cleans The Rim Face Fast And Easy

We all love making the face of the rim shine bright. That’s the part we all see – that’s the part from which we feel the most gratification as we step back from the car and admire a job well done. The WoollyWormit makes this process super fast and easy - and does so with little effort. With the long, wide thick Chenille microfiber-covered brush pampering the face of rim, the WoollyWormit makes your rims shine with ease.

7. Features Replaceable & Washable WoollyWormit Covers

Once you’ve finished cleaning, simply remove the cover from the brush, rinse out and hang dry using one of the convenient pull/hang loops. Additionally, feel free to occasionally put the cover in your washing machine and give it a good bath. (However, do NOT dry the cover in the clothes dryer – as the material is not designed for this type of drying.)

And better yet, additional covers can be used for different purposes (additional covers sold separately). For example, use one cover for cleaning the dirty rims and engine compartment, another for the car body, and keep a clean, dry cover around for dusting the dashboard and those hard-to-reach corners at the windshield, as well as rear window deck, leather seats, etc.

The WoollyWormit Cleans Way More Than Rims!

Yes, the WoollyWormit is very versatile. In addition to cleaning the rims efficiently and effectively, it can be used for:

  • Cleaning engine compartments, front grills, etc.
  • Cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of the car, such as across the roof, across the windshield, hood, trunk, etc.
  • Cleaning motorcycles, boats, RVs, and more.
  • Dusting the car interiors, especially across and in the tight corners of dashboards, rear window decks, seats, etc. (using a clean and dry cover)
Some of our clients also found other uses for the WoollyWormit, such as:
  • Cleaning household windows and screens
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture cushions
  • And more …